Thursday, January 29, 2015

2 Weeks In

Well tomorrow will mark 2 weeks out of the US! So far my time here has been extremely busy. From sight seeing to school work I certainly have little to no free time. 

Classes started last Thursday, so I am already a week into classes. My first class was Danish Language and Culture. Let me tell you, Danish is not an easy language - from the weird sounds, not pronouncing half the words, to having three extra letters: å,æ,ø! So far I can introduce myself and say 'my name is' - Jeg hedder Marianna (pronounced kind of like 'yai hether Marianna'). We already had a field study for that class this past Monday where my whole Danish class went to Café Dalle Valle for a buffet style Danish dinner. It was fun to get to know some other people better and to try other Danish food that I haven't had yet. 

Smørrebrød, the famous Danish meal.
Also famous for being extremely hard to pronounce.
I got this meal over the weekend with my friends.
On Friday, I have Danish Design and my Graphic Design Studio. Danish Design seems like it will be a very interesting and enjoyable class. We are learning all about famous Danish Designers who have influenced the world, such as Arne Jacobsen who's total environment design of the SAS Hotel (which I can see from my school) is extremely famous - as are his Egg Chairs. Yesterday for a field study our class went to the Danish Design Museum and got to explore some of the designers that we have recently learned about and got to see some of their works. 

Me at the Danish Design Museum.
In my Graphic Design class they wasted no time putting us to work. I already have a group presentation tomorrow! Groups were assigned a different museum or site that we will be visiting during our core course week (2nd week in Feb.) when we go to western Denmark. My group has to research and present on the Brandts Museum in Odense. So pretty much that has been keeping me extremely busy. 

I have also been able to do a little bit of sight seeing. Yesterday after the Design Museum I went with a group of people to see the Little Mermaid, which people say is a must see in Copenhagen. It is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's (a Dane) novel, you guessed it, The Little Mermaid! 

                     The Little Mermaid
    Nyhanvn, my version of the pic
 I used on my first blog post

I have also been exploring little coffee shops around my school trying to find the best coffee for the lowest price. I'll keep you all updated on my finds. 

Latte from a little coffee shop I found in
Nørreport, near my school
One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many people bike! Even though Copenhagen is a city there is very little traffic due to the large amount of bikers - even in the dark, cold, rainy mornings. I almost get run over by a cyclist everyday because I always forget to look for them.

                     A typical morning walk to school
           Street full of bikes

I have also been exploring around my neighborhood and I found a great little lake to run around. On my first run last week I stumbled upon the sunset. It was the first time I really got to see the sun, so I really enjoyed basking in it the rest of my run.
Sunset over Damhusengen

I also added a link to my Instagram if you would like to see the pictures I post on there! Top left of the page, just click on the Instagram logo. 

More later!

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