Monday, January 12, 2015

København her jeg kommer!

(Copenhagen here I come!)
(Hope google translate did that translation correctly)

As am leaving for Copenhagen, Denmark today, January 16th, I thought some of my family and friends would like to keep up with my adventures while I am abroad for the next four months. I will update this blog periodically and I would love for you all to tag along. 

Tonight I will be flying out of JFK at 9:30pm to Oslo and then on to Copenhagen! I should arrive in Copenhagen at 13:40 over there, so 7:40am EST. 

Currently I am a little worried the weight limit of 20kg (~44lbs) on my suitcase has been reached, if not over.. More on that when I get to the airport. Hopefully they'll let it slide if it's close. It's hard to pack for 4 months and all the different weather I may encounter and I don't even have THAT many clothes!

Keep checking back for more updates!


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