Sunday, January 18, 2015


Well I made it! After a nice long flight from JFK to Oslo and a connection to Copenhagen I arrived at the airport at ~2pm here. I had a quick orientation and then met my host family at 4pm. So far I've met the mother Annette, her daughter Terese (18) and her son Tim (23), and another DIS student Anneke. Everyone is really nice and I know I'm going to have a great time. 

Today Anne and I went into Copenhagen with Terese and while she worked we walked around. We visited the Rundetaarn (the round tower, the oldest observatory in Europe. It once served as a school, observatory and library) which gave us a spectacular view of the city. We also went to an indoor market which was filled with different foods to buy. We both got coffee there because the jet lag is still kicking in around early afternoon! 

It's pretty challenging to tell what is cheap and what's expensive. My coffee was 35kr which is about $5.50, so that's like the price of my normal Starbucks drink. 

More pictures and stuff coming later! 


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